Our search consultants are always looking for talented professionals who can ‘make a difference’ for our client firms. We will thoroughly review the credentials of executives and managers who express an interest in learning more about new opportunities.

Our membership in the Top Echelon Network and Marketing Recruiters Network gives us the ability to utilize a vast network of affiliate recruiting and search firms. These networks provide us with a geographical and industry-vertical reach that is difficult to match. Through our partner firms, we have the resources to identify and fill openings in several different disciplines across the United States.

It is essential to have the right support team on your side to provide advice and guidance throughout the search process. With years of professional experience as recruiters and hiring managers the team at Cranbrook Search Consultants fully understands your needs. Beyond providing you with a comprehensive understanding of what matters in the industry, we are here to listen to what you envision as your next steps in your career. Moreover, we will assist you in evaluating how and where your particular skills and experiences will be best deployed.

Connect with Cranbrook Search Consultants:

  • Gain access to unpublished job openings.
  • Gain exposure to a wide variety of positions (locally and nationally).
  • Gain an opportunity to work with an experienced team of executive recruiters.

When we have found you a new placement – the point, where many recruiters believe their job is done – our real task starts. Your professional and, ultimately, personal satisfaction is our main driver to establish a win-win situation for you, as well as our clients.

Find out now how we can help you gain advantage and contact us directly at any time:

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